PinnacleCare Introduces Guide+Thrive to Its Connection Employee Members and Their Families

Confidential Counseling, Coaching, Work/Life Resource Provides Easy Access to High-Quality Care During Difficult Times

Baltimore, MD, May 13, 2020 — PinnacleCare, the premier health advisory firm, and BHS today announced that PinnacleCare has made available support services for Guide+Thrive, powered by BHS, to employers enrolled in its group benefit Connection Program.

Guide+Thrive is mission-driven organization that provides easy access and navigation to high-quality behavioral health care. It connects individuals with the right resources at the right time and is available for confidential guidance and support to help them thrive. With Guide+Thrive, employers can provide valuable resources to help their employees and household members overcome challenges, motivate them to engage in care and connect them with quality resources to meet their needs.

The new support resource provides easy access to mental health and well-being resources, providing direct access, assessment, personalized care planning, navigation and connection to care. Members have multiple modes of engagement including telephonic and a secure virtual platform. There is no need for additional travel unless the Guide Care Concierge recommends connecting with a provider for face-to-face counseling sessions, a treatment facility or community-based resource that requires a member’s presence.

According to PinnacleCare CEO Miles Varn, M.D., “We are excited to offer access to Guide+Thrive care services to our Connection members. Our employer partners tell us that the emotional health and well-being of their employees are among their highest priorities, especially given our current pandemic. This new program is a great way for them to provide employees with access to high-quality counseling and support resources, both to help them proactively maintain good health and to help address issues that may prevent them from thriving and feeling their best.”

Commenting on the partnership, Mark Schubert, managing director of Guide+Thrive, said, “The synergies between our two firm’s vision, mission, culture and values made for a natural connection. Our shared belief in creating access, personalized care planning, navigation, connection to quality care and successful outcomes for our members is what solidified our decision to formalize our relationship.  This partnership allows us to reach and engage more individuals and families seeking care, ensuring they’ll receive the support they need to be at their best.”


About Guide+Thrive

Guide+Thrive is a mission-driven organization that provides individuals with personalized direct access to behavioral health and emotional support. Our service model responds to the circumstances, capabilities and preferences of the individual. We emphasize relationships and meaningful interactions focused on motivation, engagement, empowerment, conviction and resilience.  For more information, visit


About PinnacleCare

PinnacleCare is a leading health advisory firm, founded in 2001, that connects individuals to the world’s most advanced healthcare and facilitates access to top specialists for personalized care. The company provides a broad range of support to families and organizations – helping members to connect to the right expert for their specific problem and make intelligent decisions about their health. For more information, visit

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BHS (for Guide+Thrive)