About Guide+Thrive

About Us

Behavioral health innovation, integration and access

Our Mission

Provide individuals with personalized direct access to behavioral health and emotional support.

Our Vision

Deliver a service model that responds to an individual’s circumstances, capabilities and preferences. Our model emphasizes relationships and meaningful interactions focused on motivation, engagement, empowerment, conviction and resilience.

Our Values

Relationships, Collaboration, Access, Innovation, Integration, Exceptional Care

Our Story

The focus on mental and emotional health support continues to be a top priority for individuals and organizations. One in five individuals experience a behavioral health issue each year and nearly 60 percent of them do not receive support.

Traditional EAP models fail to drive utilization and provided timely access to behavioral health resources. Furthermore, insurance carriers have a difficult time keeping providers in network, creating a shortage of available providers.

As connectors of behavioral health resources, we recognized that it was taking too long to find providers who accepted insurance, who welcomed new patients and could offer timely appointments. Our team performed a study and found that only 1 out of 10 providers could offer an appointment within three weeks.

The question became, “how do we bridge the gap for the time it takes to connect individuals to behavioral health resources?”

Realizing that it would take an innovative solution, we built Guide+Thrive, a concierge-style behavioral health support model. Our goal is to create access, deliver meaningful outcomes and provide an overall better experience for those seeking and needing support.

Our team of tenured behavioral health experts focus on personalizing the individual’s experience while creating choice and access to support. Additionally, we encourage utilization by proactively engaging with individuals before issues become bigger problems using a clinically validated assessment tool.

Our clients understand the importance of creating access to behavioral health and emotional support for their people and are willing to invest in true high-touch resources that will provide the support they need. They realize that their investment changes the lives of their people and their families while improving workplace culture and performance.

To make a true difference, we need to think different. Guide+Thrive believes that overcoming today’s behavioral health challenges requires a support model that has a meaningful impact and truly helps individuals feel better and move forward.

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