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Looking for a true opportunity utilizing your skills and expertise to influence to make a meaningful impact with both the individual and the organization?

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Our Thrive Consultants are uniquely positioned within our customers’ organization to create access and break the mental health stigma that is still prevalent in the workplace.

As an on-site consultant, you directly help individuals overcome challenges, motivate them to reach their goals and help them be their best. Guide+Thrive is seeking high-skilled consultants passionate about cultivating individual and organizational well-being and maximizing performance for high-performing professional organizations.


Thrive Consultant Nicole Ward

Having a way to promote and maintain good mental hygiene in the workplace is part of whole person wellness. I want to remind people that they do not have to just survive the workday but can find ways to thrive.

— Nicole, Los Angeles

Being a Thrive Consultant gives me opportunities to assist employees at all levels of an organization, from top to bottom.

— Stephanie, District of Columbia
Thrive Consultant Andrew Batter

Becoming a Thrive Consultant has given me a unique opportunity to bridge my two careers, first as an attorney and now as a psychotherapist. It is incredibly rewarding to use my real-world experience in a high-pressured law firm setting to help other lawyers feel less overwhelmed in this highly demanding professional environment.

— Andrew, New York

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How Thrive Consulting Works

  • Guide+Thrive Building
    Guide+Thrive works with high-performance professional organizations.
  • Guide+Thrive Learn
    We learn the organization’s values, culture and performance goals.
  • Guide+Thrive Find Your Match
    We match you with the firm.
  • Guide+Thrive People
    We place you at the firm at least one day per week.
  • Guide+Thrive Calendar
    Employees and leaders book appointments online or by email or phone.
  • Guide+Thrive Planning
    Provide organizational well-being planning and execution.

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