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Thrive Consultants are Licensed Behavioral Clinicians, Therapists and Coaches who are uniquely positioned within our clients’ organization. They create access to behavioral healthcare and help individuals overcome challenges, motivate them to reach their goals and help them be their best.

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about cultivating individual and organizational well-being and optimizing performance.

Thrive Consultant Nicole Ward

Having a way to promote and maintain good mental hygiene in the workplace is part of whole person wellness. I want to remind people that they do not have to just survive the workday but can find ways to thrive.

— Nicole, Los Angeles

Being a Thrive Consultant gives me opportunities to assist employees at all levels of an organization, from top to bottom.

— Stephanie, District of Columbia
Thrive Consultant Andrew Batter

Becoming a Thrive Consultant has given me a unique opportunity to bridge my two careers, first as an attorney and now as a psychotherapist. It is incredibly rewarding to use my real-world experience in a high-pressured law firm setting to help other lawyers feel less overwhelmed in this highly demanding professional environment.

— Andrew, New York

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How Thrive Consulting Works

  • Guide+Thrive Building
    Guide+Thrive works with high-performance professional organizations.
  • Guide+Thrive Learn
    We learn the organization’s values, culture and performance goals.
  • Guide+Thrive Find Your Match
    We match you with the firm.
  • Guide+Thrive People
    We place you at the firm at least one day per week.
  • Guide+Thrive Calendar
    Employees and leaders book appointments online or by email or phone.
  • Guide+Thrive Planning
    Provide organizational well-being planning and execution.

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