Guide and Thrive Employer Solutions

Employer Solutions

Guide+Thrive removes the barriers to accessing behavioral health and emotional support.

Today’s models of behavioral healthcare, including free or low-cost employee assistance programs lack the personalized attention necessary to successfully connect people to appropriate and timely care.

Our unique model is designed to help busy professionals access the very best behavioral health and emotional support. We help professionals stay focused, motivated and at their best by providing confidential, personalized and timely support.

Guide Care Concierge

A dedicated Guide Care Concierge assesses your employees’ needs, provides guidance, creates a plan and quickly connects them with the right resource.

As a personal advocate, the Guide Care Concierge is available to provide:

  • Telephonic and virtual consultations
  • Holistic needs assessments
  • In-the-moment support
  • Clinical recommendations and individualized care planning
  • Facilitation and scheduling of appointments with providers
  • Ongoing follow up to ensure successful outcomes
How It Works


  • Phone Icon
    Call/Mobile App
  • Guide+Thrive Calendar
    Schedule Consultation
  • Guide+Thrive Form
    Online Service Request


  • Guide+Thrive Talk to a Consultant
    On-demand Support
  • Needs Assessment
  • Guide+Thrive Checklist
    Care Planning


  • Guide+Thrive Navigating
    Navigate Resources
  • Guide+Thrive Magnify
    Referral Matching
  • Guide+Thrive Calendar
    Schedule Appointment


  • Support from Guide+Thrive
    Ongoing Follow-up
  • Guide+Thrive Continuous Support
    Continuous Support
  • Guide+Thrive Positive Outcomes
    Positive Outcomes
Thrive Consultant

A dedicated Thrive Consultant for your organization supports your people and culture strategy and optimizes performance.

Thrive Consultants are immersed into your organization and understand your values, performance goals and culture. They are available to provide:

  • Organizational performance assessment
  • People and culture strategy recommendations
  • Individual performance coaching sessions
  • Organizational and departmental trainings
  • Affinity group development and facilitation
  • Well-being initiative integration into leadership strategies

How It Works

  • We conduct an organizational assessment to understand your culture and goals
  • Guide+Thrive Recruits
    Our team recruits, screens, interviews and presents qualified consultants
  • Organizational stakeholders interview candidates and conduct evaluation panels
  • Guide+Thrive Handshake
    We execute the offers, and onboard and train desired consultants
  • Manage
    We manage consultants and provide administrative and quality oversight

How Guide+Thrive Works Together

Guide+Thrive creates a collaborative care team to holistically address individual behavioral health needs and optimize organizational performance.

  • Guide+Thrive Working Together
    Collaborative care planning
  • Thrive Connect
    Cross-referrals based on individual's needs
  • Guide+Thrive Talk to a Consultant
    On-site and on-demand in-the-moment support
  • Support from Guide+Thrive
    Ongoing on-site and virtual support

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