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Guide Care Concierge™

A single point of access to all well-being resources

A team of behavioral health clinicians dedicated to your firm.

Opening the behavioral health front door for your employees is easy. Guide Care Concierge creates greater access to care and resources because we are familiar with your firm’s culture, programs and benefits.

Our concierges are master’s level clinicians, licensed mental health counselors and professional coaches.

As personal advocates for your employees and their family members, Guide Care Concierges offer:

  • Telephonic or virtual consultation
  • Holistic behavioral assessment
  • Immediate in-the-moment support with coping techniques
  • Clinical recommendations and personalized care planning
  • Referral navigation, appointment facilitation and connections
  • Follow up and in-the-moment support between appointments

  • Support from Guide+Thrive
    Support to overcome a challenge
  • Motivation to act toward goals
  • Referrals for daily life needs

Employees are more committed to and engaged in their care

100% same-day engagement with a master’s level clinician
90% commit to an engagement agreement
87% remain engaged or complete their engagement within 90 days
54% have not previously engaged in behavioral health care

Everyone’s journey to emotional well-being
is different and personal.

Guide Care Concierge offers a truly personalized experience. Employees and their family members have a choice on how they engage, when they engage, and with whom they engage.


  • Guide+Thrive Calendar
    The participant schedules a consultation with the Guide Care Concierge of their choice


  • Guide+Thrive Conversation
    The concierge holistically assesses the participant’s concern and collaborates on a personalized care plan


  • The concierge identifies appropriate resources, facilitates connection and follows up on the participant’s progress – always
57% reduction in
stress levels
60% more
60% more
43% improved
What Members are Saying

"My concierge was very knowledgeable of the resources available. She was supportive and sensitive and made me feel safe and comfortable in sharing personal information."

"My concierge provided a thorough consultation, was very knowledgeable and offered several options moving forward. It was a very positive experience."

“My concierge was very friendly and attentive to my needs. He listened to me, addressed my concerns, and provided a sustainable plan that will allow me to be at my best.”

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