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Guide+Thrive seamlessly integrates behavioral health support with wellness, telehealth, specialty care, medical advisory and on-site/near-site clinic providers and associations.

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Our Partners

Guide+Thrive supports the Johns Hopkins Balance program, which identifies employees who may be experiencing emotional health concerns. After completing an assessment, at risk employees are referred to a Guide Care Concierge for care planning and connection to appropriate resources. Employees are re-evaluated at the conclusion of care to ensure positive outcomes.

Guide+Thrive helps PinnacleCare members find and access the best behavioral health and well-being resources. Our Guide Care Concierges work with members to create a personalized care plan, identify appropriate resources, facilitate scheduling appointments and ensure satisfaction and goal achievement. Throughout the engagement, members receive on-demand support when they need it. PinnacleCare is a national health advisory firm that connects individuals to the world’s most advanced healthcare and facilitates access to top specialists for a more streamlined and personalized healthcare experience.

Guide + Thrive partners with ArmadaCare to offer our services through an embedded model. Members can access our services within their fully insured, employer-sponsored supplemental health insurance plan, WellPak, which offers coverage for both mental health care, prescriptions, and wellness treatments. Our services help to eliminate barriers employees face in finding and accessing behavioral health and well-being support. WellPak members receive customized navigation to the right level of care whether it's coaching to help alleviate everyday stressors, navigation to a therapist or counselor, even in-patient treatment.

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