Thrive Consulting

Trusted behavioral health advisors supporting your organization’s people and culture strategy, and performance goals

Matching world-class behavioral health clinicians to your organization

Thrive Consultants are licensed behavioral clinicians, therapists, and coaches. They have successful private practices and unique skillsets to engage individuals and groups to encourage and promote well-being. We embed and uniquely position Thrive Consultants within your organization.

Whether on-site, virtual or hybrid, Thrive Consultants create convenient access to care and help busy professionals stay focused, motivated, and at their best. They offer individual and team-based resolution-focused engagements, including:

  • One-on-one counseling and coaching
  • Care management
  • Business group-specific engagements
  • Organizational development engagements
  • Affinity group participation and facilitation

  • Guide+Thrive Handshake
    Challenges working
    with colleagues
  • Guide+Thrive Continuous Support
    Bridging support
    while accessing care
  • Guide+Thrive Positive Outcomes
    Goal setting for
    career advancement

High levels of engagement and satisfaction

89% of available appointments
are booked
87% of engagements resolved
in 1-3 sessions
4.84/5 participant

Utilizing our pool of dynamic therapists and coaches, we hand select Thrive Consultants who match your organization’s culture, demographics, and well-being goals.


  • We conduct a deep culture dive to understand your organization’s structure, people, and performance goals


  • Guide+Thrive Navigating
    Our team presents a shortlist of Thrive Consultants who best fits your organization’s goals for the engagement


  • Organization stakeholders engage with candidates and select the consultant(s) who best meets their needs


  • We bring the Thrive Consultant up to speed on your organization’s culture, challenges and goals


  • Manage
    We manage consultants and provide administrative and quality oversight
What Members are Saying

“My consultation was very helpful for thinking about my career progress and path forward. I found it refreshing to talk to someone who could help me look at my career path from a wider perspective.”

“I witnessed a very traumatic event, and our Thrive Consultant was so helpful in working through the emotional impact that it had on me. I was so grateful to have this resource available when I needed it urgently.”

“It is difficult to make time for myself during the day. Having the ability to pop upstairs for a few minutes to chat is so important to me. I am very grateful it is so easily accessible in my office.”

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